Change your service process with the Turbofan EHT10-L

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Is your food service process in need of an update? Or are you simply struggling to meet demands and run efficiently? The Turbofan EHT10-L extended hot holding cabinet is designed to take the stress out of peak demand periods in the commercial kitchen.

In many cases within the hospitality industry, food can often be held in unstable environments resulting in significant food wastage at the end of the service period. This Turbofan food holding cabinet can hold food for longer and allows food to be served as if it had just been cooked out of the pan or oven.

Taking the guesswork out of optimal serving times makes it easier for chefs to concentrate on more orders without fear of holding food too long past its lifecycle. Thereby ensuring that all food is held safely and within quality standards.

So, all you need to do is take each component out of the cabinet and plate it up!

It’s that easy.

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