The new way to handle peak demand periods

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There’s nothing worse than being caught short during the middle of service periods. Preparation and proper equipment make all the difference in the functional flow and structure of a kitchen. The Turbofan EHT10-L extended hot holding cabinet provides the needed support during peak demand periods.

Kitchens can often be overrun with orders and unexpected problems can always arise. The EHT10-L attends to the issue of extending the life of your key food items. Whether it’s proteins or core dish items, either can be held up to 2 hours before it’s reached its full life cycle.

Unlike basic heating lamps and traditional warmers, the EHT10-L doesn’t dry out food and there is no degradation of moisture or temperature. Perhaps one of the best design features prioritised by Turbofan in the manufacturing process is its functionality. Whatever the space, it’s designed to offer a compact yet efficient solution without compromising on power. Essentially, it’s the ultimate lifesaver during those peak demand periods.

Find out more about what you can do with the Turbofan Extended Hot Holding now.

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