Turbofan 20 Series convection ovens have a fresh, contemporary, smart design that looks superior in any front of house application. The series offers a new standard in reduced oven footprints, is portable, a broader product series and increased loading capacity to suit virtually any cooking or baking application.

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The ultimate in convection ovens designed to be versatile performance ovens. The Turbofan 30 Series are built with state-of-the-art features and features some of the industry’s smallest footprint ovens in its class. Ideal for baking, roasting, cooking, holding and regenerating.

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Turbofan Bolt is a unique sub-series in our range – a powerful, versatile convection oven with exceptional productivity.

Incredibly valuable to the modern food service commercial kitchen, the E33D5 and E33T5 ovens has a substantial five 1/1 GN tray oven sits only on a compact 610mm/24” width footprint.

Increase cooking capability with a two-speed bi-directional fan for greater control – high speed for maximum heat penetration and low speed for delicate food items.

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For the best of baking power and practicality, Turbofan’s range of proofer / prover holding cabinets are smart in design and even smarter in engineering. Use them individually or as part of a system with compatible 30 Series ovens to build your own baking system.

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A range of dedicated holding cabinets provides the convenience of ready-serve meals close at hand. Hot holding temperate between 65-85oC / 149-185oF. One option is to use the cabinet in conjunction with a convection oven to ensure quick transfer and ease of use. Another is to place it back of house as a stand-alone cabinet.

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