Roasting & Cooking

Crispy and dry, soft and juicy, or somewhere in between – Turbofan delivers superior results from roasting beef, chicken, lamb and pork to cooking a range of meals including meat loafs, pies, potato bakes, fish, braised steak and casseroles.

Turbofan ovens are appealing to chefs by way of the upgraded power with increased air volume in the oven cavity, the user-friendliness of the ovens, and the interior lined with porcelain enamel that’s extremely easy to clean.

Also useful for:

  • Core temperature cooking
  • Multi-stage cooking
  • Moisture injection mode

Specialty in:

Cook 'n' Hold

Turbofan’s unique advantage in delivering some of the industry’s smallest oven for its capacity, they can be complimented to include a companion holding cabinet that fits together all under the same footprint – perfect for the cook ‘n’ hold application.

Improve your efficiency and workflow by using the oven tandem with a holding cabinet close at hand, cook items on top and then transfer each tray to the holding cabinet under, ready to serve.

With hot holding temperature range from 20-90°C / 68-194°F – ideal for wet dishes, dry dishes, chicken, beef, lamb, pork, roast vegetables, rice.. any food that can be ideally held at a desired temperature prior to serving.

Use for:

  • Space saving
  • Ready to serve
  • Improve workflow
  • Multiple food items
  • Reduce food waste

Specialty in:


Baking in the Turbofan ovens offers both convenient ease of use and consistent quality output. In addition to scratch baking, these ovens are ideal for bake-off use such as frozen doughs, pre-proofed frozen doughs and par-bake products, the results will always rise to the top.

The range provides a broader variety of increased tray spacing and loading capacities, an ideal solution when the bakery is responsible for convenience products.

Use for:

  • Consistent baking results
  • Simplicity

Specialty in:


It’s been said that a good proofer is worth its weight in gold. The perfect application of heat and humidity must activate the yeast, awaken the dough and guarantee the finest of results.

Ideal for fresh dough, par-baked, pre-proofed and bake-off products, the Turbofan P Series proofers provide the best of baking power and practicality. Proofers can be applied underneath a selected range of convection ovens to form an extremely effective bake centre – suitable for a huge range of businesses.

Proofing function enables the setting of thermostat control between 20-85oC / 65-185oF, while humidity level control can also be adjusted to suit the products being proofed.

Use for:

  • Humidity control

Specialty in:


There are many good reason why incredible dishes start and end with steam. Using a Turbofan Combi Oven in steam mode enhances flavor, colour and consistency – you’ll deliver succulent results with speed and simplicity.

In a Turbofan Combi, you can get maximum precision and control, even at low temperatures – perfect for sous vide applications in your culinary masterpiece.

Use for:

  • Sous vide cooking
  • Steaming bulk food items

Specialty in:

Combi Steam

Beat the battle of continuous basting using the combi-steam function to ensure meats and fish cook evenly without risk of drying out. Temperature and humidity are automatically controlled at levels perfectly matched to the food. This means all the succulent juicy tenderness is there when its time to serve.

Use for:

  • Slow cooking / overnight cooking
  • Core temperature cooking
  • Low temperature cooking

Specialty in:


Returning food from chilled or frozen to the best levels of cooked temperature, appearance, taste and texture requires the perfect balance of power and precision.

Suited to the regeneration of vegetables, proteins and starch food products, the Turbofan ovens are efficient and practical for bulk portions as it is for single dishes – incredibly useful for everything from independent caterers (restaurants and cafes) to large institutions (canteens, buffet services) for fast quality regenerated food.

Use for:

  • Cook / Chill
  • Reheating

Specialty in:

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