For customers en-route to their destination, operators can expand their everyday food items for the grab & go convenience shoppers. Fresh food can be catered; quality and consistency can be maintained all within a spaced reduced footprint – thanks to the Turbofan convection ovens.

With power enhanced performance of the bi-directional reversing fan system, consistency and quality in every tray space ensures saving to time and money. Production cooking and baking can be achieved in a small space, place the oven on a countertop, on a stand or double stacked for increase production capability.

Maintaining hot items during long operation hours at the convenience store can be done by installing a hot holding cabinet either on its on, or even better – under the same compact footprint of the oven to save more space. A hot holding cabinet will allow for food to be kept warm at the right temperature, thus minimizing food waste whilst keeping your customers content with quality food.

For those looking for:

  • Maintaining food quality prior to serving
  • Compact footprint
  • Consistent quality

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