Fast food operators primary objective to deliver consistent food results during fast service times to keep customers happy.

Ease of use for varying skill level operators.

Identifying the right equipment for the QSR owner also means choosing the right investment for the maximum return on investment in relation to sales, food quality, production capacity – in line with speed of service and operator use of the equipment during and post service.

In such a fast paced environment, Turbofan offers convenience in its cook and hold oven system platform where operators of varying skill levels can easily cook menu items via pre-programmed recipes – with a touch of a button.

Turbofan’s range of touch controller convection oven is a flexible cooking platform with high performance 2 speed bi-directional reversing fan system, faster and efficient with greater control – it includes moisture injection to prevent product shrinkage to maintain the succulent results.

With the companion of a prover/holding platform means they can now be placed under a selection of convection oven footprints for additional saving of space. Working in tandem for cooking and holding allows the convenience of ready-serve meals close at hand.

And at the end of the day, cleaning is made easy with a smart door design allowing the operator to complete a daily wipe down with absolute ease – perfect for the front of house display.

For those looking for:

  • Speed of service
  • Easy cleaning
  • Ease of operation
  • Operator safety

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