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Name: Backyard Bistro
Location: North Carolina, USA
Products: Turbofan E33D5 with Core Temperature Probe for precision cooking of meat.


When the owner and chef at the Backyard Bistro speak so enthusiastically about the heart of his new kitchen. It’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement.

For Joe Lumbrazo, installing the E33 Turbofan oven in his Raleigh, North Carolina restaurant has taken it to the next level and raised the bar with increased output and versatility to his busy establishment. Since opening in April 2009, Backyard Bistro has attracted food and sports fans, holding major events like Superbowl Parties.

Joe Lumbrazo, Head Chef and Proprietor says, “Our Turbofan E33 Oven – never gets turned off. We use it for overnight for low-temperature cooking. You can do anything in them: steam, poach, overnight cook, sous vide, cook steaks – you name it, it can do it.”

On average the Bistro complete 120 covers for lunch. However with the proximity to a local sports arena Carter-Finley Stadium the home of NC State Wolfpack football team, this can change dramatically and, with a big event on across the road, it might increase to 1000. Joe takes pride in quality meals for the whole family – with a menu that has “something for everyone.”

His take on the new kitchen technology is clear. “I can easily cook more recipes in that Moffat (Turbofan) oven than I can in a fleet of grills,” he says. “That thing is absolutely incredible.”

“With the dry heat, the wet heat, the digital temperature probe, the temperature raising and dropping says Joe, Head Chef and Proprietor. “The thing’s worth its weight in gold.”

The E33 has also proved its worth when it comes to preparation. “I can do 10 to 15 things in that oven in the span of two hours where it would take 7 hours in a standard style oven, because it’s so diverse,” says Joe. This diversity is highly valued. Changing dietary requirements and an increased awareness and appreciation for different cuisine has seen the tastes of Joe’s clientele change considerably in recent years.

This range is now matched by the new technology, and the ability to modify settings while easily maintaining consistent results has impressed the owner.

The success of the E33’s introduction has Joe looking to the future. Here, his enthusiasm for the technology becomes obvious again, saying, “I wish I had ten more.” His passion for the oven and its output is obvious and, come game day, he’s in his element serving up big, bold taste to the punters.

Creating recipes that delight his customers is crucial to ongoing success Joe says, “Whoever’s coming through the doors – you want something to make them happy.” Now, with the Turbofan E33, there’s something to make those coming through the kitchen doors equally happy too.



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