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Location: California, United States

Products: Turbofan E31 half-size convection oven for baking one of the best cookies in the neighbourhood

CREAM stands for Cookies Rule Everything Around Me.

It’s an evocative message when taken from the viewpoint of the sandwiched ice cream. It’s also an apt description for the continued expansion and success of the brand throughout the United States.

While the first store was opened in Berkeley, California in 2010 the seeds of the brand were sown years earlier with a family growing up in the nearby suburb of Millbrae.

“My mother would always be baking,” says one of CREAM’s founders Gus Shamieh. “We became known throughout the neighbourhood for my Mum’s famous ice cream sandwiches.”

With the fantastic ethos of “serving happiness one ice cream sandwich at a time,”

Gus, his sister and their parents opened CREAM with an appealing array of fresh-from-the-oven cookies and delicious, indulgent ice cream. 

Flavours like Cin-Ful Churro, Chocoholic and Banana Walnut Fudge quickly proved a hit, and the allure of the unique ice cream sandwiches was quickly spread by word of mouth.

The success of this first venture encouraged the Shamieh family to think bigger and two years later they began to franchise the concept. By 2017 the chain had expanded into Colorado, Florida and Nevada.

Despite the big moves, the menu has remained true to the original concept. With approximately 20 ice cream varieties to choose from, customers have a choice of brownies, waffles and a donut-croissant hybrid (a ‘Do’sant’) to make their ice cream sandwich from.

Cones, sundaes, shakes and ice cream tacos round out the menu. Shamieh calls the taco “infamous,” and, with three ice cream flavours and two toppings in a freshly baked waffle cone, its no wonder the taco is a favourite.

Such dessert delights have clearly been a recipe for success. Now, with 30 stores covering the nation from the sweltering south to the cooler climes of Anchorage in Alaska, CREAM is ruling more and more happy customers. The chain plans to open five more locations by the end of 2019, with a total of 50 scheduled for 2021.

It’s a rapid expansion only possible due to the quality of its menu and the consistency of flavour and service. The company’s core principles; a dedication to quality, affordability, exceptional service and a congenial atmosphere; serve it well.

“It all starts with the recruitment and hiring process,” Shamieh says. “We look for employees who share the vision… we train to the core principles and celebrate the employees who reflect these principles on a daily basis.”

It’s an adherence to the highest of standards that can be found in the CREAM kitchens too. Here CREAM worked closely with Moffat to ensure every kitchen’s requirements were met with the best possible equipment.

Kristian Kuh, the General Manager of Moffat Inc., knew how important it was to properly test the tech before any potential sale and subsequent installation.

“They (CREAM) needed a very specific solution and we weren’t satisfied with a ‘place your order and hope for the best’ process. So we involved our Executive Chef who worked with CREAM to optimise their recipes for the recommended equipment.”

“That’s how we could ensure the most efficient and effective solution for what was needed,” says Kuh.


Given the small size of the average CREAM store, with seating for anywhere from six to 12 guests, much of the food preparation occurs in plain view of the customer. So it was critical that the ovens not only fit the small kitchen but also look attractive and perform dependably.

“We did comparisons of multiple ovens and tested them in different situations,” says CREAM founder Gus Shamieh.

“We found Moffat provided value, reliability and consistency of temperature controls.” The Turbofan E31 half-size convection oven fit perfectly.

“CREAM needed a compact solution,” says Danielle Brach, Regional Sales Manager for Moffat. “Our unique footprint is one of our biggest differences and we knew we could deliver the best consistency for their cookies.”

The placement of the ovens provides an additional sensory experience for the customer, Brach says.

“Right when you walk in, the ovens are on display. You’ve got the cookies baking, you’ve got this amazing aroma and they make the ice cream sandwich right in front of you.”

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