Turbofan E23M3 Manual Electric Convection Oven

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Great in performance and compact in size, the E23M3 Turbofan manual electric convection oven is one of the best half size ovens in the market. its single phase connection makes it an ideal portable solution for countertop use in the front or back of the house.

The oven chamber is coated and sealed with vitreous enameled for its durability. Consequently, it also enables quick and easy chamber cleaning. Turbofan E23M3 half size electric convection oven fits 3x GN 2/3 tray or 3x half size sheet pan. The 85mm tray spacing and the bi-directional reversing fan system allows consistent heat distribution and even cooking throughout the chamber. Offering outstanding cooking and baking results.

The Turbofan E23M3 Model can be mounted on the Turbofan stainless steel stand for extra storage. It is also stackable for more power, greater versatility and increase productivity. The choice is yours to best tailored to your specific kitchen needs.

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