Turbofan E23M3 Electric Convection Oven Highlights and Application

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A spacious kitchen is a chef’s dream, however for small cooking operations such as cafes and kiosks, a small space is often unavoidable. Appliances that pack a powerful punch while maintaining a small footprint are crucial in these operations to keep up with demand. Enter the Turbofan E23M3 Electric Convection Oven – a compact and capable solution for your cooking needs.

Consistent quality

Speed and consistency reign in convection ovens, and the E23M3 is no exception. Convection-heat technology allows for fast, high-quality cooking, transforming traditional baking methods with the use of interior fans. Traditional ovens cook with dual heating systems at the top and bottom of the oven chamber. As heat rises, items at the top of the oven will cook faster than those at the bottom, creating irregular cooking times and a discrepancy of food quality. This issue is erased through the process of convection heating. In the E23M3, 2.8kW heating systems are complemented with a bi-directional fan that circulates heat around and across food for an even temperature across the chamber. For baked goods in particular, consistent heat distribution is incredibly important.

  • Manual control
  • For those who favour a no-frills approach to cooking, the manual option fosters familiarity with simple knob-driven controls for the mechanical thermostat and the countdown timer.

  • Digital display
  • The digital alternative adopts an electronic timer and thermostat control, and allows five varying levels of steam injection for succulent food, every time. This option includes knob-driven controls for ease-of-use with the added benefit of electronic accuracy.

  • One Touch
  • Intuitive and efficient, the One Touch option implements an icon-driven touch screen for programmable multi-stage cooking and individual shelf timers.

    This compact cooker is excellent for front-of-house displays to tempt your customers with the smell of freshly baked goods. From delicious cakes to crisp croissants, your patrons get the chance to see treats cook before their very eyes as they await their order.
    For more information on which Turbofan convection oven is best suited for your kitchen, get in touch with the team at Moffat.

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