How have food delivery apps impacted restaurants?

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If you’re looking to meet the demand for increased orders from food delivery apps, find out how the Turbofan Holding Cabinet range can help your commercial kitchen operation.

Dining out at home has never been easier thanks to food delivery apps, such as Uber Eats. Here, hungry homeowners can get quick access to an extensive array of restaurant dishes, above all, without leaving home.

While efficient for those at home, how is the increasing popularity of food delivery apps impacting restaurants operation?


How have food delivery apps changed the way restaurants run?

Food delivery apps continue to uphold their dominance over the food industry. According to Morgan Stanley, food delivery apps are estimated to account for 40 per cent of total restaurant sales by 2020 in the US and Canada alone.

Utilizing these opportunities from these services is crucial. First of all keeping up with demand of dine-in customer. Furthermore, reaching out to new customers with great food and even better service. Consequently, restaurant owners need to adapt to a new workflow in the busy commercial kitchen. Better yet, reviewing restaurant equipment save on the expense and effort in the long term.

Thankfully, the solution is easier than you think.


Introducing the Turbofan Holding Cabinet

While the increase in food delivery orders is great for businesses, it can have the adverse reaction for kitchen staffs. These are ones that will feel the pressure and find a way to deal with a higher inflow of orders. If the correct equipment isn’t in place, tensions may rise and operations can suffer. This is why it pays to reap the rewards of a trusted and necessary food holding cabinet.

Turbofan is highly regarded for it’s simplistic, innovative and consistently reliable commercial convection ovens. In recent years, the popular commercial kitchen brand launched a range of holding cabinets. These have been highly convenient for chefs looking to meet the demand of influx orders for both take out & dine-in customers.

Holding cabinets like the H10T combat busy services by allowing chefs to prepare popular food items beforehand. These dishes can then be stored in controlled and safe-serving temperatures ready for delivery. But don’t worry about dishes drying out. The hot holding cabinets have humidity control within the chamber to insure food retains moisture throughout.

Turbofan’s holding cabinets are designed so that even the smallest commercial kitchen operations can reap the rewards. Thanks to the H10T’s compact footprint, cafes and takeout operations can preserve valuable cooking space while working at higher capacities. This not only provides flexibility to resources, it insures standards don’t slip, and staff aren’t treading on each other’s toes in stressful dining scenarios. With food prepared and ready for busy services, enjoy better control!

Features like the above insure food waste is minimize, production time is reduced and restaurants can keep up with busier periods.

If you’d like to find out how your kitchen can benefit from the Turbofan Holding Cabinet, get in touch with a representative today!

*The Turbofan holding cabinet range is compatible with the E33 ovens. See range here.

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