Cake Me Baby

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Name: Cake Me Baby
Location: London, UK
Products: Turbofan E32D4 Digital Electric Oven for baking cakes, cupcakes, biscuits and many more

Creativity is the order of the day at Cake me Baby

While all chefs are creative in their own right, cake baking and decorating is certainly a genre all on its own.

For Alessandra Estrada, owner of Cake me Baby, creativity is an essential part of everyday business.

Her busy bakery is on Askew Road in London sells amazing bespoke cakes and edible creations. This includes fresh baked goods, designer iced biscuits, pre-made takeaway cakes, Aero-Press coffee, pressed flower tea and organic juices, alongside the inventive custom cakes the brand has built its reputation on.

With cake-decorating Masterclasses on Sunday afternoons, and in the summer, they host a Chef’s Table in their private garden – which is available for private bookings.

“When designing Cake me Baby, we wanted to create a cake shop like no other”, says Alessandra.

Cake me Baby opened the doors to the cafe in December 2014, a process that Alessandra describes as a “baptism of fire”.

Their cakes combine the best of North American cake craft with French patisserie, specialising in dietary-restrictive baking.

Cake me Baby is known for their uncompromising quality and aesthetic – and the unique – and sometimes, completely outlandish – nature of their cakes.

“Here at Cake me Baby, we have no shame. This means we are more than happy to make erotic cakes, narcotic-related cakes, or pretty much whatever you want”, says Alessandra. “No judgment!”

When it comes to kitchen equipment, Alessandra is full of praise for the Turbofan E32D4, which she says “takes pride of place in the kitchen”.

“[The Turbofan E32D4] rocks! It’s like the Tardis. We’ve even managed to bake an entire wedding cake in it, in one smooth move”, she says. “It purrs like a kitten and it’s amazing how quickly it heats up for the early morning bake. The oven also bakes very evenly, which means less topsy-turvy cakes.”

“Four dozen cupcakes? With the Turbofan oven- it’s no problem!”

We always say the kitchen is ‘where the magic happens’ and clearly, there wouldn’t be much magic without our Turbofan beauty”, she adds.



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