Turbofan Ready. The extended hot holding cabinet.

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It’s always ready and waiting. When you are, and when you’re not. The new Turbofan EHT10-L extended hot holding cabinet is equipped to handle your busy service periods and your food preparation periods. Essentially, it’s always there for you for whatever you need.

Wouldn’t it be great to serve every meal, dish, takeaway, and food item with the absolute confidence that your customers will always receive the great tasting quality that they expect from you? Well, there is. Having the capacity to extend the life of your menu items is key for any chef or establishment when considering what to serve to your customers and how to serve it.

With an extended hot holding cabinet, the range of items you can offer are limitless due to the homeostatic atmosphere created inside the cabinet for any food source. Maybe you’ve been wanting to jazz up your menu but haven’t figured out a way to keep certain components hot? Well, you now know the solution for it.

One of the biggest tips a chef will give you that they swear by themselves is that “preparation is key”. Innovation and creativity is of course always welcome but when comes to busy service periods, where the clock is ticking by and you’re drowning in orders, that’s when preparation comes in. An extended hot holding cabinet offers a reduction in stress and the manual heating time needed for certain dish components that would otherwise take much longer. Whether its breakfast, lunch, dinner, all day dining or you’re serving high tea at noon, you can plan your day items ahead of time and be worry free!

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